Deck of Many Things 4th Edition

Session 1: Beginning with a Dungeon Crawl

Our story begins with a small, unheard of town in the middle of nowhere. Our adventurers find themselves in the local tavern, enjoying themselves in their own particular ways. Whiskey Beerbeard, a jolly little dwarf fighter, sitting at the bar drinking his weight in ale. Betty Jack, the pompous Drow Avenger, is dancing to the tavern’s lovely music with whomever she feels like dancing with at the time. Fayth Distro, the apathetic changeling warlord, sits in the corner; he is enjoying his time alone and keeping a low profile. Darkeen Fallen, the Githzerai Warlock, is rewarding himself with an expensive bottle of wine; even warlocks need to relax every now and then. Tassadar Litebrite, the Shardmind Psion, uses his spare time tricking the ignorant masses into playing an impossible-to-win game of Blackjack with him. Unbeknownst to them, these five strangers are about to get to know each other whether they like it or not.

As the party enjoys themselves, there is suddenly a commotion outside. Shortly after, a young man bursts through the tavern door. He looks like a member of the upper class: fancy clean clothes, well-kept long auburn hair, gold-rimmed glasses, the works. He, however, looks troubled.

“please! My artifact has been stolen! I need a group of adventurers to retrieve it for me!” he shouts. No one in the tavern responds; they stare at him as if they’ve seen a ghost. The man sighs, and takes a moment to regain his composure. “I will pay the group who does so handsomely. This artifact is very important to me.”

Still, no one in the tavern responds. Confused, the five adventurers raise their hands; nothing like easy gold to make a good day even better.

“you five! Good! Come with me!” the man motions for the door. The adventurers shrug and follow him outside. “My name is Arlon. I need you five to go to the cave to the north and retrieve my artifact from those renegade bandits. When you bring it back to me, I will pay you 12 platinum to split amongst yourselves.”

“What does this artifact look like?” Betty Jack questions the man. “You can’t expect us to find something without knowing what it is we’re looking for.”

Arlon the Enigma chuckles “I can and I will, my dear. You’ll know it when you see it, I promise. Now, the five of you don’t know each other, maybe you should introduce yourselves while we walk.”

“The name’s Whiskey Beerbeard, good to meet ya! I enjoy drinking and beating people up! Me dislikes include orcs and goblins!” Whiskey happily starts the group off with a grin on his face.

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