Deck of Many Things

The Main Focus of the Quest


What seems like a mundane deck of blank playing cards is really a special 52-card deck of many things. The players have the ability to shuffle the deck and activate the top card’s effects once per day. Results may vary.


The party was brought together by a strange man named Arlon to retrieve an ‘artifact’ that had been stolen from him by a group of bandits. Looking for a quick and easy reward, Darkeen, Fayth, Betty, Whiskey, and Tassadar all agreed to help. The players located the 20-card deck in the bottom of a cavern to the north, guarded by a strange cult that worshipped a captured Young Red Dragon. The party now must locate the remaining cards in the deck to free themselves of the binding spell the deck cast upon them.
Additional Cards located x2: Pandemic, Anima

Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many Things 4th Edition arlonenigma